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Are you looking for support with helping your baby or infant to settle or resettle? Are you fed up with having broken or very little sleep? Do you feel the lack of sleep is affecting your health? Is your baby or infant constantly unsettled or whingy while awake? Are you looking for information and education around sleep cycles, number of naps and amount of sleep a baby or infant requires?

I can help you with these worries that parents and caregivers have. The pressures of parenting today are huge and can be quite overwhelming for most of us. Our lives are very busy nowadays and we tend to try and be the ‘perfect’ parent. I am absolutely dedicated to helping families and working towards achieving your goals.

Just under twelve years of experience working closely with families on a daily basis, assisting with sleeping, feeding and parenting concerns..

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My Consultations & Support

Massage Consultations

Massage can be a calming and enjoyable way to prepare your baby ready for sleep. If used regularly prior to the evening bedtime routine ...

Sleep Consultations

Information and education around newborn sleep needs, recognising tired signs, education around implementing an appropriate feeding ...

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Happy Kids

Just a few useful tips

  • You don’t need to strive to be a ‘perfect’ parent. A child needs ‘’good enough’’ parenting to survive and grow into a healthy, functioning adult

  • Research has shown that Parents and Caregivers happiness can impact on their child’s happiness also. Mood is affected by quality and amount of sleep

  • Children love attention and will seek this out constantly at times. Although, this can be draining for parents and caregivers, try to respond to your child and acknowledge them

  • Unstructured play is essential for children

  • Try and eat together as a family whenever possible

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West Felton, Shropshire, UK