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 Hi, my name is Jackie.

 I am a Registered Children’s Nurse and Child Health Nurse. I gained my nursing qualification at the University of Plymouth, UK and after working for a few years with Neonates and babies in Intensive and Special care, I emigrated to Australia.

 I completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Child Health Nursing  (equivalent to Health Visitor in the UK) and worked in an Early Parenting Education Centre for just under twelve years. This service is open 24 hours and families live in the centre for their admission.

 After the family’s goals had been discussed, I worked closely with them, to advise and support them with their concerns. These concerns would include, frequent night waking, difficulties getting to sleep, short day sleeps, toddlers not having a day sleep, newborns being very wakeful, amongst others. I also worked with families who needed support with nutritional problems as well as general parenting education.

 I have completed an infant massage course which enables me to demonstrate and practice infant massage. I am a big believer that massage can help with some of these difficulties that parents are having with an unsettled baby.

 I undertook training in baby sleep consultancy more recently, to ensure that I was using up to date information and imparting the correct information to families.

As part of my role as a Child Health Nurse, I undertook courses and attended educational sessions in subjects such as Breastfeeding, working in partnership with families, post- natal mental health and child development.

Having told you about my professional achievements, my biggest achievement is raising my two children. I can therefore understand the importance of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation on our bodies. Parenting comes with its challenges and I believe strongly that we all need to feel comfortable in reaching out for a helping hand when it is needed.

I have moved back to the UK, to spend more time with family and would like to continue doing the work that I am passionate about.  I absolutely love working with families and seeing the changes that they can make to their lives. I understand the challenges associated with implementing change and hope I am able to support families through this.


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