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Advice To Create A Soothing Sleep Environment For Your Baby

If you’re getting ready for the arrival of your baby or you have a newborn who you’re starting to settle into their own room, now is a good time to think about how to create the right sleeping environment for your baby.

An article for News24 recently offered some advice to new parents about simple steps you can take to create a soothing space for your little one.

The first decision to make is which room you’ll put your baby in. You may have limited options in your home but if you can, choose a room that is unlikely to get too much noise from outdoors or your neighbours.

Using lined curtains to create a dark space is important to help your little one sleep during the day, while the news provider also suggested that having a light with a dimmer switch can help you get the right level of light to help your baby sleep.

Another top tip is to paint the walls of the nursery in muted colours. Although babies typically like bright colours, these are stimulating and therefore not ideal if you are creating a space that your baby will sleep in.

You might also want to consider using music or white noise to help mask other sounds that are happening around your household or outdoors as this can also help your baby sleep. Our advice if you’re planning to use white noise is to incorporate it into the baby’s bedtime routine to help it trigger sleep when your son or daughter hears it.

If you’d like some assistance with baby sleep training, speak to our experts today.


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Advice To Create A Soothing Sleep Environment For Your Baby

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