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Baby Sleep Myths Debunked

Whether you’re a new parent or an expectant one, chances are that many people have given you advice about what you should and should not do with your newborn.

There are certainly plenty of myths out there when it comes to child rearing, and two paediatricians from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City recently spoke to Insider to clear up some of the most common myths surrounding babies and caring for infants.

One myth that Dr Blair Hammond and Dr Aliza Pressman were keen to debunk is that by three months a baby will sleep through the night.

Dr Pressman, a developmental psychologist, said that it’s fine to allow your baby to direct your nighttime feeding routine up until they’re around four months old. Between the ages of four and six months, you may want to start trying sleep training methods if they still aren’t sleeping through the night, she recommended.

Another myth that you shouldn’t put too much faith in is the one that you should never wake a sleeping baby. Dr Hammond explained that newborns “really need to feed frequently” and that therefore you might have to wake your baby up every three to four hours to feed in the first weeks of their life if they don’t stir naturally.

You might also be interested to learn that, while lullabies won’t make your baby go to sleep, they can be a useful tool for soothing both your baby and yourself.

Dr Pressman suggested using singing as one of several techniques to soothe your baby if they are crying or struggling to settle, with touch and reading other recommendations.

One of the keys to helping your little one settle is having the right sleep environment. We recently offered some tips on how to make sure your baby’s nursery is a relaxing space, including using blackout blinds or curtains and painting the walls in muted shades.

If you feel you would benefit from some assistance with baby sleep training, contact us today to find out how we can help.


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