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Being a parent can have its challenges and one of the early problems we as parents are confronted with is an unsettled baby. Periods of excessive crying, baby appearing in discomfort and no matter what we do, he is not able to be settled or calmed. If all the obvious things have been ruled out, such as a feed, nappy change, room temperature or clothing adjusted as needed, then I start to look at other reasons why baby is so unsettled. 

One of these other causes of unsettled behaviour can be colic. So what exactly is colic?

Babies who cry inconsolably, between the ages of two weeks and three months can be suffering with colic. You will observe very unsettled behaviour and despite trying to comfort and calm baby he does not calm for long. He may bring his legs up to his abdomen and suck madly on his hands. There are also long periods of high pitched cries which can be in short bursts. You may even notice his stomach tightening. 

Here are a few strategies you may find useful to ease the symptoms of colic.

  • Try and comfort baby in a different hold, by laying them across your arm on their stomach, rubbing their back gently, or you could try laying them on their back and bringing their knees up to their stomach, in a cycling movement. They may also get some relief from you holding their knees bent up to their stomach
  • A nice warm bath can help. You can even perform some massage strokes while baby is in the bath
  • Put baby in a baby carrier and go for a walk. A change of scenery can help
  • Try and reduce stimulation. This can mean turning off the television, reducing volume of voices and other activities in the room. Soft music may be helpful
  • Share care. When baby is really unsettled tag team with your partner, friend or other family member
  • Baby may enjoy being wrapped and held in a warm blanket. Just remember to remove the blanket when you settle baby in the cot
  • Baby may prefer to be held facing outwards on your chest

Despite trying different things, baby may still remain unsettled. I would try some calming and relaxing massage. If you do massage your baby try and avoid using fingertips, as this can be irritating for baby. Use the flat of your hand. If you are interested in learning some massage strokes and assisting with colicky symptoms, please give me a call or email me and I will happily discuss how massage can help you.

NOTE: Always be mindful that if your baby is crying excessively he may require a medical review. You can check your baby's temperature by either using a thermometer or placing your hand on his chest. If there are other symptoms present that you are concerned about see your GP or paediatrician. 



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