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Getting ready for Massage

Engagement cues:

  • Baby is quiet and calm
  • Baby has good eye contact/ turning head towards carer
  • Baby is reaching out
  • Baby is smiling/ eyes are wide
  • Baby is babbling/ cooing
  • Brows are raised

Disengagement cues:

  • Facial grimace
  • Fists clenched
  • Gaze aversion
  • Jerky movments
  • Crying/ fussing
  • Arching back/ squirming
  • Yawning/ rubbing eyes/ frowning/ whining

 Infant States:

  • Quiet Sleep This is also called deep sleep. Eyes closed with no body movements and mostly unresponsive to external noise
  • Active Sleep Eyes closed, but there is REM. You may also see body movements/ sucking. Baby can be startled by sudden noises.
  • Drowsy  Eyes are now open or partially closed. This can be when baby is just waking or getting ready to fall asleep and you may notice that his eyelids may start drooping.
  • Quiet Alert  Body and face are pretty much inactive. Baby is relaxed and eyes are open. Baby is bright and observant
  • Active alert baby is now very alert and active. Their movements are with purpose, rhythmically stretching arms and kicking legs. There can be mild fussing. He may make cooing noises.
  • Crying There will a lot of activity and crying.  Movements are chaotic. His eyes may be closed and his legs may be flailing around.



Quiet alert is the most appropriate state to offer massage to your baby




  • Check the temperature of the room. Consider preparing the room prior to undressing baby and getting for the massage. A temperature around 24 degrees should be sufficient, as baby will be undressed. I suggest you taking baby’s nappy off
  • Soft lighting
  • I use a Bengali lullaby CD, which is gentle, calming music for relaxing both yourself and baby
  • Place a towel underneath baby on a mat, with a towel rolled to make a cocoon for smaller babies. This will help them feel contained and secure. (If the towels are warm this will help)
  • Remember, to use a gentle, soothing voice and good eye contact
  • Remove any jewellery


Choose a time when your baby is not hungry or distractible as a family member has just arrived home and baby is excited.

Also, try and shut the time out for yourself, so that you know you won’t be disturbed. (eg. An appointment due, nearly time to cook dinner or a friend due to arrive)

Ensure that you are in a comfortable position. This may be sitting with your back supported and legs open, with baby laid on his back, in between your legs. Or where you are sat with your back supported and legs bent. Baby is then placed on your upper legs. Another position is where you kneel and place baby on the floor in front of you. It is important to make sure that you are comfortable too



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