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Google Developing Baby Vital Signs Monitor

Google is reportedly developing a radar-like monitor system that scans the vital signs of the household, which can send alerts if irregularities in heart rate or respiration are detected.

According to the Evening Standard, papers published by the European Patent Office show Google’s cutting edge antennae placed around the home, keeping track of the whole family, which has great implications for parents.

The system will be able to pick up abnormalities in a baby’s vital signs while sleeping and alert parents immediately. While it is not marketed as protection against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), it is surely a device that would allow parents to sleep more soundly during the night.

The technology behind the monitor is very sophisticated, using doppler radar-like technology to detect changes in microwave frequencies to detect breathing and heart rates. The device will also alert parents when their baby has woken up from a nap or even escaped the crib.

Google has yet to comment on the patent, but it is widely expected that they will be releasing a range of gadgets in the future as part of the company’s newest parenting products. There are several similar products on the market, but none seem to have the ease of use and access as Google’s monitor system appears to have.

With the ever-present anxieties that parenthood can bring, this device could provide a sense of security to parents of children who are past the infant stage, and even be of great use to people caring for elders.

While the device may help parents get better, worry-free sleep, it, unfortunately, doesn’t hold the solutions for getting your infant to sleep, so get in touch in you need an online baby sleep consultant.


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Google Developing Baby Vital Signs Monitor

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