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Parents Spend ‘Almost 9 Days A Year’ Putting Kids To Bed!

Bedtime can certainly be a struggle for parents and trying to convince kids that going to sleep is a great idea can be very tricky indeed, but do you have any idea how much time you actually spend each year putting your little ones to bed?

Well, wonder no more, as new research from CompareTheMarket has just revealed that the average parent will spend almost nine days every year on the bedtime fight… news that may or may not surprise you!

Reported on by, the study also revealed some of the most common excuses that little ones use to try and convince you to let them stay up past bedtime, with the top ones being claiming they’re not tired, being afraid of the dark, feeling ill, needing the toilet and feeling hungry.

Some 30 per cent of kids won’t settle down for the night unless their favourite soft toy is next to them, so perhaps bear this in mind if you have been finding it difficult to convince them that bedtime is necessary.

Head of rewards for the price comparison site Julie Daniels was quoted by the news source as saying: “Our study has shown that even with a thorough routine, you can’t stop children still wanting that extra five minutes of awake time.

“But you can usually tell as parents when your youngster is being genuine, such as wanting a drink or being afraid of the dark, and when they are prolonging you leaving the room and just getting on with your evening.”

A solid bedtime routine is essential for making sure your children go to bed when they’re supposed to. Be consistent with timings, try and make evenings peaceful and quiet, and ensure the bedroom environment is a comfortable one.

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