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Toddlers and rewards

Creating a reward chart for your toddler is a good way of encouraging desirable behaviours. Toddlers generally love stickers and rewards so when they have done something you have requested of them, provide them with an opportunity to choose a sticker to place on their chart. Make it fun and instant. It is a good idea to praise and reward these behaviours as they happen or as soon as the toddler wakes from his sleep. 

Once, there are a certain number of stickers on  the chart, your toddler could choose a treat from a box of toys, that you have put aside for this purpose. These do not need to be expensive, as you can often buy things that are cheap from some larger discount stores. 

It can also be useful to have some photographs handy of places where your toddler likes to go, for instance, a play park, petting farm or the beach. They can then choose one of these places to go once they have collected the desired number of stickers.

It is a good idea to involve your toddler in the rule setting. Let them choose one of the rules, for example, "I would like four kisses before I go to bed". Although, you will ultimately make the decisions on what time he goes to bed and the routine running up to this, he will also feel that he has been involved. 

If you have other siblings in the house, they may be involved in the process. Role playing with a doll or teddy is often successful. "Well done teddy for lying down nicely". You can involve your toddler in this and they often imitate the behaviour and say well done to teddy and may then be more encouraged to lie down themselves. 

I often suggest that just one parent implements the settling each night. If there is a combination of both mum and dad going in the room, sometimes the toddler plays on this. He may say that he wants mum instead of dad. Or vice versa. This can also be quite stimulating for him and there is often more conversation. It helps if both parents are on the 'same page'. Try and be consistent in your approaches. 

Avoid lots of conversation. Often, toddlers will try and keep engaging with you by talking. They may say they want the toilet, want a drink, want to see the dog, have another kiss, for example. Keep talking to the minimal. Obviously, be mindful that he may actually want to go to the toilet, so do allow for this also. 

I suggest you go through the rules once only. If you have decided on reading two stories prior to going to sleep, then keep it to the two stories. Toddlers will often ask for "just one more".

These are just a few suggestions for managing your toddler at bed time. Please feel free to call me or email if you would like some assistance with settling your toddler as I would love to help you.










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