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Wrapping/ Swaddling

Wrapping can help baby feel secure and they are less likely to be disturbed by the startle reflex that is present in young babies. It can also be used to calm baby if they are overstimulated or upset. Wrapping provides a light pressure around the baby’s body which can give a sense of security.

  • Wrapping when used appropriately is a useful strategy that parents can use to help their baby to settle and sleep on their back during the early months, which helps baby feel more secure and contained.
  • When wrapping baby allow for hip flexion and chest wall expansion. Try not to swaddle baby too tightly as it can affect his development. If he is wrapped too tightly it can cause problems with the hips such as hip dysplasia.
  • Ensure that baby is not overdressed under the wrap and has his head uncovered.
  • Use a muslin or light cotton sheet.
  • Babies must not be wrapped if sharing a sleep surface with a parent.
  • Once baby is starting to roll, discontinue wrapping. This can be done, by leaving one arm out, then both, to transition out of the wrap.
  • Always place baby on their back when placing them in the cot.
  • Babies will start resisting being wrapped once they become more mobile. An alternative to this is using a sleeping bag, which has a fitted neck and armholes.

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