• I agree to follow safe sleep practices in line with SIDS recommendations. If this is not practiced there may be a need to terminate the agreement and this may result in no refund
  • I agree to disclose any medical concerns or conditions that I may have or my medical or health practitioner may have about my baby.
  • I agree to check with my GP or paediatrician if my baby has any medical concerns which may prevent them from undertaking sleep
  • If baby is unwell or there are some unforeseen family events, please contact BabyserenityUk and there may be an option to delay the programme
  • I understand that there is a need to be consistent with strategies suggested to promote changes. If I do not feel that I am able or my family are able to continue with strategies I will discuss this with BabyserenityUk and look at ways the plan can be adapted to achieve the best outcomes. I understand that I will not receive a refund if I have not followed through with suggestions and been consistent after advice and support has been given
  • I understand that the plan will be individualised and will be the most appropriate for my baby at his or hers developmental stage and age, according to BabyserenityUK. Therefore this plan may not be suitable for another baby, even if they are the same age
  • I understand that there may  be minimal progress for a variety of reasons during the time spent working with BabyserenityUK, however, I will strive to continue working with strategies suggested to provide my baby with the best chance of learning to self settle, which may be after the contract with BabyserenityUK has ended
  • BabyserenityUK will offer suggestions and this will be based on evidence and knowledge already gained while working as a Health professional previously. A hungry baby will not settle and a tired baby will not feed well, so education will be provided on ensuring that all these needs are met and responsive parenting is implemented
  • Any changes you make to your babies sleep or feeding arrangements are your decision and BabyserenityUK are only making suggestions for change of which you are responsible to implement
  • BabyserenityUK will respond to messages as soon as able but will respond  within 24 hours
  • Hours of work will vary depending on needs of clients. I will work closely with families and adjust my working hours to suit each individual family, but there may be times where I am unavailable, which will be discussed and arranged prior to or during your contract with babyserenityUK
  • I agree to the information about my baby be used in case studies, but I am aware that no personal identification will be made by BabyserenityUK  and names will be changed. If I am not happy for this to happen I will let BabyserenityUK  know by email
  • I agree to pay the invoice prior to the initial consultation and if I do not do so, then an individualised sleep plan may not be forwarded by BabyserenityUK.
  • I agree to commence the sleep programme once I have received the plan and will engage in regular communication via text, email or skype to receive the best support for optimal outcomes
  • In the event of an outstanding invoice, clients are liable for interest on the invoice amount at the rate of 12.5% per month until payment is received in full
  • In the event of any outstanding invoices, BabyserenityUK will refer the balance to a collection agency. Any collection costs will be the responsibility of the client
  • Cancellations less that 48 hours prior to consultation scheduled date will only be refunded 50% of the fee. Prior to 48 hours 100% will be refunded
  • I understand that there will be travel charges if I live further than 10 miles away from West Felton. Please contact BabyserenityUK for details
  • These terms and conditions may change, so I encourage clients to refer back to them if returning to BabyserenityUK for services at a later date


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West Felton, Shropshire, UK